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Dinner With TJ Filming Season 2

As you read this, Dinner With TJ is filming episodes for it’s 2nd Season. Dinner With TJ is a RCM produced reality web series about a 30-something man who’s gone his whole life only ever trying 5 foods. Chicken, Turkey, Bacon, Hotdogs and Hamburgers. That’s it! TJ has never tried a potato chip, a carrot and especially Lasagna. On the

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RCM Sinks It’s Teeth Into New Documentary!
Comic T.J. Haselden with Kenny Hotz (Kenny vs Spenny)

Rail City Media has been filming segments for a new documentary about possibly the worlds pickiest Eater. The Segments feature Montreal Comic T.J. Haselden as the worlds pickiest eater; living his whole life only ever trying 6 things.  What are those six thing you ask? Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chicken, Turkey, French Fries and Bacon. Seriously. That’s it. He’s never tasted ketchup,

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