Rail City Media has been filming segments for a new documentary about possibly the worlds pickiest Eater. The Segments feature Montreal Comic T.J. Haselden as the worlds pickiest eater; living his whole life only ever trying 6 things.  What are those six thing you ask? Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chicken, Turkey, French Fries and Bacon. Seriously. That’s it. He’s never tasted ketchup, doesn’t know how to drink a hot drink and gags at the thought of pickles.  So this week T.J. has been trying different foods with different comics in an effort to help him move past what doctors are calling a disorder.  Rail City Media was there with the likes of Kenny Hotz (Kenny VS Spenny), Robert Kelly(FX’s “Louie”), Kate Micucci (Raising hope, Scrubs) and more!

Stay tuned for more info about this project.

Read more about T.J.’s eating habits HERE.

From Left to Right: T. J. Haselden (Stand up Comic), Bill Burr (Stand up Comic, Comedy Central), Adam Reider (Rail City Media), Robert Kelly (Stand Up comic, Comedy Central, Louie)