“Rail City Media isn’t going anywhere but there is an expansion happening.” Explains RCM founder Adam Reider. For the past 8 years, Rail City Media has been succefully creating media content in a somewhat one-stop-shop type of format. Everything from commercials and corporate films to music videos and short fiction has been created under the banner of Rail City Media. Adam explains that it’s time to move in a direction that differentiates the products.

“I want to create a company that is clear with its intention” explains Adam. “For all intents and purposes, RCM is a cross between a videography company and a film production studio. That ends now. All videography projects including corporate films, music videos and commercials will be run through Rail City Media. The feature films and studio services to come will be run through a separate division called ‘Spectropia Pictures’. It has a different look and a different feel.”

Spectropia Pictures will be producing feature length films as well as eventually offering studio services such as Prop and Costume rental, Crew personnel, script coverage and feedback as well as workshops and meet & greets.

For now, Adam tells us that Rail City Media is sticking around but his main focus will shift to Spectropia Pictures for the future.

“I’m excited to have created this fresh start for myself and create something that is next level. Big things on the way!”

Spectropia Pictures is already producing its first feature film to be filmed in 2017.