Nina Slash has released a rehearsal video giving fans a taste of the bands live performance. This new video, produced by Rail City Media, showcases the energy and full sound that the rarely-seen-live Nina Slash brings to their performances.  Even though this is a video of a band rehearsal the video still manages to showcase what the full band sound is like.  “There is a different feel to the songs when you play as an ensemble instead of as a solo artist.” Says front man and writer Pablo Duran. “It definitely felt good to play with them. “. [the backup band]  Pablo Duran is at the helm of Nina Slash on guitar and vocals backed by guitarist Sean Arsenian (The Great Sabatini) drummer Graham Leduc (Modern Ghost) and bassist Martin Delahaye. Plans for a live Nina Slash show are currently in the works.

Also check out the official Music Video for this song HERE!