Making The Band has won two awards at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF).  Noted as being the largest cultural event in East Africa, ZIFF  brings films to nearly 100,000 people.  Making the Band has been honored with both the BEST ORIGINAL SCORE and THE CHAIRMAN’S AWARD.  The feature film follows the story of three talented singer-songwriters who decide to team up to form a band and fulfill their childhood singing ambitions.  Director Phad Mutumba and actress Whitsa Jean had the opportunity to go to Zanzibar and present the film to a wide audience on the festivals
opening night and were met with a warm reception!

The film was shot on location in Montreal and was shot by Rail City Media collaborator Faisal Lutchmedial.   Everyone in the cast and crew are thrilled that this project has already garnered the response it has. Rail City Media is proud to be Associate Producer on this feature length film.