It starts with a tragedy, an act of senseless violence.  A gunshot heard around the world.  What started off as the epitome of violence has now, almost miraculously, turned into the exact opposite.  The antithesis of violence.

Everyone can tell you where they were when they heard Dawson College had been attacked by a lone shooter.  It sent chills down to the very core of every Montréal citizen, it shook every Canadian and it echoed around the world.  This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen, Especially not in Canada!  5 years later, Dawson College has begun to heal with the creation of an ecological Peace Garden on campus, a project that has enlisted volunteers from the community.  Furthermore, 30 Students from Dawson have taken on the incredible task of raising $100,000.00 in one day!

Rail City Media will be releasing it’s first full length feature documentary: Infinity Loops. A story about the healing process of a community after such a tragedy.

Infinity Loops is currently in production and is scheduled for 2012 release.