Rail City Media has created one feature length documentary about the heavy metal band “Endast” titled “Where I Belong.” Future Feature films will be released through RCM’s subsidiary group: Spectropia Pictures.



Rail City Media is proud to be producing the band’s first live DVD to coincide with Endast’s about-to-be-released album entitled ‘Black Cloud’. RCM took to the road with Endast in the summer of 2011 as they tour around Canada playing from everywhere from small venues in small towns, in the woods up to the mighty Heavy MTL and Heavy TO festivals. The final result is a feature length documentary for old and new fans of Endast alike showcasing the bands highs and lows in a no-bullshit foray into what it means to be in Endast; Canada’s hardest working unsigned band. Now you can watch the entire film online for free! (SEE BELOW)



Endast - Where I Belong from Rail City Media on Vimeo.