Rail City Media is an independent, artist-friendly, production company.  Rail City Media produces quality products as well as creating wonderfully artistic works all centered around film and video work.  We have produced feature films, short films, music videos, corporate and educational films as well as live event coverage and photography. With our qualified staff, Rail City Media is able to offer all kinds of services ranging from screenwriting and producing all the way to directing and editing with all levels of production in-between. We work with our clients to form a creative team from concept to completion that has everyone proud of the final results.

We strive to create a strong connection with local and independent filmmakers by being active in the filmmaking community, organizing networking events and running the Rail City Roadshow Film Festival. It is also important for Rail City Media to assist students and newcomers to the industry by offering internships, workshops, on-set experience as well as offering student rates on rentals and services.

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