Montreal comedy rapper Cheeto Dust’s new music video has been gaining some serious online momentum with over 28,000 hits in it’s first week online. ┬áThe video for Cheeto Dust’s song The Power Of Poutine” was directed by RCM’s Adam Reider and is an homage to the intro sequences of cop shows made in the 80′s. “This was such a fun video to make.” Said Adam in a recent interview. “Everyone had a good time on the set and I’m just so stoked that people watching it are having a good time too.”

This is the second video Adam has directed for the Comedy Rapper. ┬áThe first video was for the song Ice Cream and is a direct spoof on Miley Cyrus video “Doo it”. Cheeto Dust is side project for James Arsenian who is better known as the frontman for metal band Exes For Eyes and the now defunct group Endast.

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